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Humpty Doo | Litchfield Shire | Darwin Rural Area | Northern Territory | Australia

May 10, 2018

July 7, 2017

June 29, 2017

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November 9, 2017

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Blink and the world changes

March 1, 2017

Blink and the world changes.



Two weeks away and a new season awaits.

Ecological time is a circle and we are always welcomed by eternal returns.


Everywhere small frogs sit hoping to be invisible.


The speargrass has flowered again.









Tea tree flowers are being visited by white throated honey eaters.


The Oriole is still tending to its nest in the fig tree.

There must be young eager for food inside it now.


The forest kingfishers call and watch from their favourite trees


The water level has returned to a normal high and the causeway can be walked with dry feet.



The lagoon is teaming with small fish and thick with the aquatic bladderworts.



The water lilies have begun to flower




The dragonflies are getting up their numbers.

Dancing together in air over water.


I use the new Identify App tentativly.


I reckon this image is of a pair of Scarlet Perchers Diplacodes haematodes celebrating the season.


New trees are all flush with growth.


The Amalia planted early in the wet holds its new leaves well above the water and seems happy with inundation. AKA Buchanania arborescens, it is the same genus as the Bush Mango B. obovata but growing beside waterways rather than savannah.

It was the only seed I found a few years back but so far 100% germination and survival.



Around it the wild rice grows, its flowering will come as the waters retreat.



Most of the young fresh water mangroves Barringtonia acutangula are still under water but the tallest poke out and have the beginnings of bud burst for a new growth spurt. Next year they should be tall enough to hold their growing tips above the high water mark.


The Carallia brachiata planted in the lagoon that survived the dry also has a growth flush nearly a meter above the water level.


The chances of an El Nino developing have increased but lets enjoy this healthy wet season while it lasts and worry about next wet when it is due.

For now there is abundance of water to celebrate.


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